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Monday, May 3, 2010

An Update, An Alteration and an Announcement Walk Into a Blog...

An Update:

"Me? I'm very well, thank-you."

I think it's only fitting that I begin with that very impersonal, non-descriptive and utterly vague sentence because it's the exact line I've been reading back to myself while sitting in bed or at my desk for just about every day of the last few months. I have a lot to say, with no easy way of getting it into text as I have discovered. Life has changed wildly for me recently. Make no mistake, it certainly didn't change over night, but at this point it is considerably different from when I began this blog three years ago.

After the passing of my father in 2007, I decided to act upon a long standing dream that he had inspired in me. A common link we always shared was card games and poker was at the center of it. I heard stories growing up and witnessed the skill and talent he had first-hand as I grew older. On more than one occasion I even had the opportunity to show him my own skills; thankfully he was present at every tournament I won up to the point of his death. Soon after this, I chose to leave my full-time "real world" job, despite the pleasure I took in it and the success I achieved. For me, acting with my heart was the right thing to do and as luck would have it, I was led on a fantastic journey of wins & loses, people & places and the opportunity to create Quad Seven Poker. As I progressed with Q7P, I met many other players and bloggers, built some unforgettable friendships and continued to learn, live and breathe the best game on earth.

My interest in poker and writing then led me to create my Gambler Chronicles website...

An Alteration:

Throughout 2009 I had great fun creating and posting chronicles about my character, Greyson Slate, on my Gambler Chronicles website. I felt immediately that this served as a wonderful creative and literary outlet for me to present an examination of the poker world and the people I have met and heard tales about over the years; the feedback I received is still very much appreciated. As my ownership of the website came to a close this year, I chose to rescind my claim over it and focus on a new project that would fulfill a concept I've had for a very long time. With regards to the current state of the Gambler Chronicles .com variation - it appears to be an online casino strategy page; I have no current ownership or affiliation with it and I can no longer vouch for its contents.

That being said, I have begun a new and entirely different project that I have been developing over many years. I hope you'll take a few moments to have a look and delve into a world very different from poker, though not lacking in any excitement or mystery...

The Announcement:

As I said, prior to my decision to enter the world of poker on a full-time basis, I had a successful career in the "real world." I worked in the same industry from my teenage years into adulthood and realized over time that there were some very compelling stories to be told about the people I've met and events I've witnessed. After leaving it all behind, I could not have known if I would ever re-enter the field however, and go back to what I put aside for poker.

On a whim and a dash of curiosity, I put my resume out for available positions to see if there was still room for me. To my surprise, I landed a few interviews and for whatever reason - I attended them and accepted a relatively small position to feed the craving. Within a few months an offer of promotion and advancement presented itself and I took it, then a couple more months and another advancement offer came. At this point, the real world had already begun to impede on my poker and I had to decide if I was prepared to commit to a change.

After careful consideration, patience and calculation, I decided there was room for expansion in my life, so jumped in with both feet. The best part of this development is that I also took the leap creatively and launched my newest venture:

ConfessInns: The Innkeeper Chronicles.

After Thought:

The meaning of that impersonal, non-descriptive and vague first sentence has changed for me now as I complete this entry. I've found a nice balance and I remain optimistic. Me? Oh I'm very well, thank-you.

Wishing Big Flops and Bigger Pots,