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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dirty Little Secret About Tells

New players are often wooed by the promise of riches when following the ill-contrived notion that 'tells' are the key to successful poker. Sounds kinda cool right? Just look over at your opponent and... Oh! He scratched his ear! All-In!!!

Sorry to break it to you; it just doesn't work like that.

If you do however, find yourself in the magnificent position of honestly being able to say to yourself, that you have a solid tell on a particular person - a real tell - it would be hours or perhaps sessions and sessions you will dedicate to studying, memorizing and comparing the slightest tick of each opponent until you feel you can rely on it... then-Enjoy every short and ever-fleeting second of that rare enjoyment. After all, despite all your work, an opponent could always be of the strategy for false-tells, waiting for the big hands to use your information against you... what then?

So why spend all your vital juices and brain energy watching every move, every player makes?
Easy answer: Don't.

The mere act of sitting at a table with anyone for an extended period of time will cause you to pick up on clues, mannerisms, and a general feel for the strength or more importantly - the weakness of their hand.

Let these subtle clues sink into your subconscious, where you may draw on them if and when you can. In the mean time, pay closer attention Betting Patterns or the Math and less attention to who's ear is the itchiest.

Wishing you Big Flops and Bigger Pots.
Delik James

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