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Friday, December 26, 2008

Last Days 2008

The last few months of this very long year have flown by with such cat-like speed that I have even refrained from sleep at times in an effort to avoid missing a moment of it. But the inevitable has come now: We have a newly elected President (woo-hoo!), made it through the annual turkey holocaust and Christmas is now behind us too...kind and joyful holiday sentiments stuffed away like decorations for another year to become dusty and forgotten until the next go-around and the days before New Years can be counted on one hand.

As 2009 nears I have positive expectations for what's to come: I look forward to new experiences, new casinos, new people, new people's money, new strategies, lots of blogging, travel, plenty of tournaments, saftey and health.

Thanks for visiting me here at Quad Seven Poker and over at Gambler Chronicles.

Wishing you Big Flops, Bigger Pots and a Happy New Year!


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