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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Delik Strikes Back

The calendar may say spring, but from the door step of my home in North Carolina, the air feels like mid-summer. The grass simply will not stop growing; I’m thinking of laying cement in my yard to cut down on mounting lawn-scaping costs.

After a busy few months I feel settled enough to commit myself again to my passion of poker and writing. During my recent sabbatical from my blogs: Quad Seven Poker and Gambler Chronicles, I was able to regain my creative juices and arouse some passion…not to mention play a lot of poker and discover my new favorite obsession: Twitter.

So I present to you a “re-launch” of sorts. Have a look around and you will discover updates to every area of Quad Seven Poker, which serves as my news/editorial/fun and games haven. Beginning today, this site will return to daily updates and postings with the addition of being linked to Twitter and therefore my own personal microcosm in the world. I invite you follow along and join in - after all, poker is the best game in the world and despite Joan River’s thoughts on the matter, poker players are some of the best, brightest, most funny and interesting people on the face of the earth.

I’d like to close with a great thanks to my dedicated readers and new discoverers alike. You all rock and I wish every last one of you Big Flops and Bigger Pots.

Delik James

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