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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Magic Combination

I recently ran into a pretty brutal table in the way of vicious exchanges just recently...

I find there is no better exercise of patience quite like a low stake internet game. You tend to see some pretty unpredictable plays from weak players that will toss curveball after curveball, most of which make no sense whatever and can provide the sort of stings that you won't get at a table full of moderate to good players. The reason: I'm playing with a sense for pot odds, position and betting patterns - none of which can be counted on in the slightest from anyone else sitting across the virtual felt in these games.

As previously stated- this table, on top of all these poor players and even worse plays, there was some serious trash talking. The first five hands was an all out war of words in the classic "I'm better than you are" style. It's in this situation that you just want to shut up the antagonists and bust them quick and painlessly...well, quick anyway. Unfortunately, in the game of poker it can take a while before you exact your revenge, though not on this night.

In the sixth hand I was pleased to see two black Kings promptly dealt at just the right time. Just as would be expected, the three primary name-callers were not cautious at all to my pre-flop raise and we went together to the flop where I hit trips (X-K-8); more betting. The turn was a blank (X-K-8-X), but this time the damage to two of my foul-mouth friends was too much for them to continue - however the last one was all too happy to keep going and called another bet. The river was a wink from the poker Gods, eight to pair the board (X-K-8-X-8) giving me a full house, which solidified the end of Big Mouth #1. Two to go.

The very next hand I got pocket AA's, but other than a low raise pre-flop, I squeezed no more chips from the table and took it down on the flop.

Hand number eight: Pocket Jacks. Now since I didn't show the Aces when I won the last hand I decided to make it look like I was getting over-confident and running a string of bluffs by putting out a small, but solid raise before the flop. Very quickly Big Mouth #2 and #3 bit the hook and when a third Jack soon followed, I reeled them in and busted them both with the help of their own egos.

It turns out I got my 'quick', but they were unlucky with the 'painless' part.


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