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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Side Bet

So I'm chatting online with a friend I know from Phildelphia last week...hey Jerry! We've never actually met in person, but have played many online games together since stricking up a conversation months ago after outlasting a pool of 90 players in a free sit & go to make it heads up in what ended up being a very long session.

Jerry doesn't play for real money at all outside of once a month with his uncles, but he is a true fan of the game and likes to dabble in Full Tilt Poker. Now, although the bulk of my poker income comes from flesh and blood cash and tounement play, I love places like PokerStars and the afore-mentioned FTP to try out new strategies and work out some of my short comings...luckily on one of these nights I gained a friend on top of insight.

Since Jerry's pride and often frustration, comes from his 'play money' bankroll, he was flabbergasted when I told him about an article in Bluff Magazine (Jan issue) regarding the amazing streak Gus Hanson had online racking up $1.4 million dollars in about 48 hours. After a year Jerry hasn't even come close to that because of the extreme swings and iratic players seen in play money rooms - and in my opinion - his being liberal in places he would never be if real cash were at stake...if not for this 1.4 million wouldn't be a problem at all.

As with most gamblers, this conversation ended in a bet...

I figured that it were possible to take a rock bottom bankroll of $1000 and turn it into one million in three months with the specific stipulation of being a 'casual player' (defined below) to which he claimed he may not be able to reach one million, but could earn more than myself in the same period of time if he could play as often as he wished. And so with that, the challenge...

Who can make more money in THREE MONTHS?

The rules:
1.) We must reset our balances to the base of $1000 on our accounts.

2.) I can play no more than an average of 3-4 days a week (casual player); Jerry can play unlimitedly (dedicated player).

3.) Cash games and tournament play are both allowed.

4.) We can rebuy as often as needed, (Due to the severe swings that come with this type of play), but the total at the end of the three month period is what counts.

5.) We must share our cashier totals atleast once a week.

Wish me luck!

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