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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dealer Distress

Why is it, I wonder, that players come to the felt with a fight to pick?
Try convincing yourself that it's your 'image' or that you're somehow psyching someone out or putting someone on tilt...truth is - you're a giant asshole.

Pick a fight with me around at felt and you'll get nothing but frustrated. Scream, yell, call names or splash the pot and the only reaction I'll give you is a light chuckle and maybe a bad beat story. Being a bully, especially an obnoxious one, takes a great deal of effort and energy; energy I'd rather spend focusing on the hand - which is exactly what I'll do.

Much like anything though, there is an exception - don't mess with my dealer!
I have a few friends that deal for a living, one such friend I've known since high school and keep still keep contact with regularly. Sometimes the stories I hear are pretty disturbing. I'm glad I chose to be a player, although I thought about becoming a dealer briefly in my past, (before I found out how much they make), and have always had the ultimate respect for the people that make the game I love go so much smoother as well as lending an air of class to it. This is exactly why I will not tolerate anyone berating a dealer at my table.

Let's remember that these people are at work, so they can't even fight back. It's like picking a fist-fight with a guy that has no arms - pathetic. Start laying into my dealer and you've just made an enemy; one that will fight back. Perhaps its not the dealer that is at fault because you chased a flush to the river or another player hit trips that you didn't think to consider on the turn. Blaming others for your own inadequacies - real nice; grow up. I just hope I can bust you before their cycle is up so they can see you squirm.

Now let's face it - some dealers are terrible. Calling the wrong winners, counting chips incorrectly and so on, but for the most part - they're just doing there job and don't need YOU to tell them how to do it better or differently. If something they are doing bothers you, move tables.

I'm not too religious, but I have a good feeling towards Karma. That's why I always tip my waitresses well in restaurants, leave my towels in one pile for the housekeepers in hotels and treat my dealers with respect.

The Poker Gods are always watching after all.


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