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Monday, March 10, 2008

Look out Ukraine, here I come!

What comes to mind when you hear or read the word 'Ukraine'?

For me, I am reminded of a very significant country in the game of Risk. "The gateway to Asia" we'd call it growing up. Truth be told, I've never given the country too much more thought and don't know much more about it than its capital (Kiev). Then something happened that made me give Ukraine another look...

I've made quite a few friends through my recent (and very late) introduction to MySpace. One such friend is a woman named Olga from Ukraine. We met primarily due to our mutual love of poker and struck up a few conversations right from the start. My interest was peeked when I found out she was the editor-in-chief of Hroniky Azarta, a gambling magazine in Ukraine - 'the first and best' she says dutifully.

A few random chats later came a surprise for the ages, she's working on having a 'dynamic and bright dialog' with pro players that have some character and will share their experiences and opinions with her readers ...I guess Mike Matusow was busy? Apparently poker is getting big in Ukraine, but they are far behind in the world of poker magazine availability and lack ways of exposing more readers to the game. So there you have it, I'm being profiled in a Ukraine gambling mag - wow.

So I'm not really sure how I will be perceived by my friends to the East, or if they'll care much - but hell - the chance to enlighten and interest people about poker on the other side of the globe is pretty exciting. After reading...strike that, translating - then reading a few of her past articles of a similar nature, I was relieved to find a smart author with well composed articles; so I agreed.

We had our first 'interview' a few days ago and plan to wrap up in the coming days. So far it's been really fun and the questions are like none I would have expected - truely interesting. I'll next need to decide which pictures I'd like to have displayed for print next to my thoughts and sarcasm. Nothing too dramatic - maybe a red teddy on a bed of roses... really get those issues off the shelves!

Big Pots and Bigger Flops,

Check out Hroniky Azarta online.

And if your in Eastern Europe anytime after July - check out their bilingual version: Hazard Chronicles.

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