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Friday, March 14, 2008

A Rare Sighting

When I woke up yesterday, I could count how many times I have held a straight flush on just two fingers - today I'll need three.

Much like car accidents and phone calls from long distance relatives, straight flushes occur when they are least expected. Although I have no children, I imagine discovering a straight flush in your hand is much like the miracle of birth. Sheer joy. Not just the knowing that you unequivocally have THE NUTS in the hand, but that you've got the 'odds' right by the balls! No matter who you are or how many hands you've seen, there is truly nothing like it - like a Bigfoot sighting of sorts.
(No worries - I've run out of analogies!)

But the joy is fleeting - I still have a hand to play after all! My goal hasn't changed much: extract as much money from my opponents as possible - this was particularly interesting given the circumstances...

I went into the hand on the Button, unpaired - Js/8c; the flop came 5c/6c/Jd.

I was pleased to hit top pair and honestly hoped to take the pot down right then, because my kicker was terrible and there were two clubs out. This didn't work; I still had two players to the turn, which was 7c. I still might be ahead with top pair, but after they both call another raise - I am sure I'm dead to a flush and can envision folding on the river.

Just before the river was dealt I heard that nutty little voice in my head, "Hey, four of clubs gets you a straight flush - one outer! one outer!" I can hardly believe it myself, but instead of being the bearer of salt for my wounds - this little voice was Nastra-freaking-domis. River: 4c.

I managed to get one of the two players left to donate more chips. It turns out I rolled over a pocket pair of Kings that had evolved into a King high flush.

With a smile still firmly attached to my face, I marked my calendar - next one is due August, 2010.


(Snap shot of this hand available below, in my "Grease the Rail" section. )

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