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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Side Bet

So I'm chatting online with a friend I know from Phildelphia last week...hey Jerry! We've never actually met in person, but have played many online games together since stricking up a conversation months ago after outlasting a pool of 90 players in a free sit & go to make it heads up in what ended up being a very long session.

Jerry doesn't play for real money at all outside of once a month with his uncles, but he is a true fan of the game and likes to dabble in Full Tilt Poker. Now, although the bulk of my poker income comes from flesh and blood cash and tounement play, I love places like PokerStars and the afore-mentioned FTP to try out new strategies and work out some of my short comings...luckily on one of these nights I gained a friend on top of insight.

Since Jerry's pride and often frustration, comes from his 'play money' bankroll, he was flabbergasted when I told him about an article in Bluff Magazine (Jan issue) regarding the amazing streak Gus Hanson had online racking up $1.4 million dollars in about 48 hours. After a year Jerry hasn't even come close to that because of the extreme swings and iratic players seen in play money rooms - and in my opinion - his being liberal in places he would never be if real cash were at stake...if not for this 1.4 million wouldn't be a problem at all.

As with most gamblers, this conversation ended in a bet...

I figured that it were possible to take a rock bottom bankroll of $1000 and turn it into one million in three months with the specific stipulation of being a 'casual player' (defined below) to which he claimed he may not be able to reach one million, but could earn more than myself in the same period of time if he could play as often as he wished. And so with that, the challenge...

Who can make more money in THREE MONTHS?

The rules:
1.) We must reset our balances to the base of $1000 on our accounts.

2.) I can play no more than an average of 3-4 days a week (casual player); Jerry can play unlimitedly (dedicated player).

3.) Cash games and tournament play are both allowed.

4.) We can rebuy as often as needed, (Due to the severe swings that come with this type of play), but the total at the end of the three month period is what counts.

5.) We must share our cashier totals atleast once a week.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Stuff

Hi All,

Lot's of new stuff coming tomorrow including an easy navigation tool through my Blog and a revamping of The Leak, which will serve as a Poker News section rather than my weekly poll. I will now offer a Poker Quiz instead of the poll - in my Grease the Rail section.

The Q7P Dealer Button Spotlight continues to be successful and I appriciate all the e-mails I've been recieving.

Also - Another new blog post tomorrow and don't forget to check my daily poker slangs in Language/Slanguage.

Wishing You Big Flops and Bigger Flops,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ace-Queen Disdain

I recently had a lively discussion with a player, post-bust, who blew his stack literally and figuratively after his AQ faltered big time. Why is it that anyone would think AQ would qualify as an automatic call to an all-in hand pre-flop?
Now I know that there is a time and place where it might be, (short stack on the button for example), but generally, I find this hand can get you into a lot of trouble.

The basics: Against any pocket pair JJ or less you are only getting 50:50 OR if your opponent is tilting and holds two random cards (say 5-6) they are still 'live' and can be caught to suck out on you (same odds of hitting anything as you have.) Worse still, are the kinds of hands that would reasonably raise to all-in pre-flop that could end nearly all hope for your AQ...
Your unsuited AQ against AA gets you to only 18% to win, KK 22%, QQ 30% and even AK 25%. This doesn't get much better even if you are suited; these numbers are dismal.

I notice a lot of players have wised up to the fact that AK is a tricky starting hand and will bite you in the ass more often than not - so why have they moved onto playing similarly with AQ, which even the bottom of the barrel rookies can tell is not as valuable as the AK from the starting gate?

Well, I think the AQ needs some nicknames like its cousin the AK that drives the point home. My favorite for AK is Anna Kournikova - looks good but loses every time. This gets the point across as directly as possible that AK sucks more often than not. Over time - with sayings much like this one, players began to get embarrassed when they got felted and had to turn over a losing AK. Others would roll their eyes and think - 'there goes another one.'

I played three sit-and-goes yesterday and I must have seen more ridiculous AQ moves than I could have ever expected. I think the trouble is that some players will not face the ugly truth that no matter how good your hole cards may look pre-flop, they can quickly turn to dust after the flop and must be thrown to the muck if it comes down to an all-in. Don’t fall for the lure of invincibility that comes with a hand like AQ; it has all the disadvantages of the AK that you’re too 'embarrassed to lose with' - plus some.

As for Ace-Jack...don't get me started.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pitter Patter

I'm lucky enough to have a wait - fiancé (still trying to get used to that title), that has been forever supportive of my poker career. Truth be told, I could ask for no greater support system in this department than her. This week however - it all became more clear...

I get a call mid-day with the usual, "miss you much" kind of stuff followed by a "guess what!?"
Well, without a moment to take that guess, she tells me about a local tournament coming up that she thinks would be perfect for me to take full advantage of. Apparently, this annual function boasting the 'biggest grand prize yet' pulls in hundreds of local players each year to battle it out for cash prizes as well as some heavy merchandise ranging from big screens to shopping sprees. Then, I hear the first prize and I know I have no choice but to enter and WIN this tourney... first place gets a '08 Mazda CX-9...oh joy.

Call it an early Birthday present, Christmas gift or Anniversary gesture...but however you look at it - this car MUST be hers. I guess since she puts up with all my shit the least I can do is jump into a lion's den of locals for a few days to get a chance to ride away with an automobile that makes her heart go pitter-patter.

I'll keep you posted on the results.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Drink Up

To this day I am continually amazed when I am at a poker tournament and see people chug back beer after beer during the course a game. Let us not forget why alcohol is free at casinos in the first place - a drunk player is a losing player...especially at a skill and thinking game like poker!

I remember a time back in CT when I had a regular weekly game at a club of guys twice to three times my age that had many drinkers around the felt. You'd figure they would use their additional years of wisdom for their benefit, but alas, they usually would not. Don't get me wrong...I do love these types of players - it means less work for me! You can pick them out pretty quickly and then avoid conflict with them for a few levels, all the while they get plowed and you watch their every move. Tells and betting patterns don't change when a person becomes inebriated, they are amplified...less work for me!

One time, on a particularly crowded night at this club's tournament (about 60-70 players), I was delighted to see one of my favorite drunkards moved to my table after we lost a few short stacks at once to a big Set a player caught on the turn. More interestingly - he came with a pile of chips and his signature Bud-Light ('when you want to feel the buzz, but not be weighed down with all those calories'). It took only another hour or so for him to lose track of things and develop the need to see every hand down to the river and bluff in a lot of really bad spots. Somehow though, he made some lucky comebacks and started running really good again, managing to hang in there right down to the last 9 players; final table.

It was then that I decided I really needed to take him out. Since the tourney paid only to the top five - I wanted make sure I didn't finish the night unpaid or worse...on the bubble because of a lucky drunk. I knew that luck runs out, and when it does, all he's left with is a cloudy head. Additionally, I had a moderate stack, but mine plus his would be sweet! The moment we came off of break to start the final table I wanted to ensure he was ready, so I bought him a beer. Oh yeah - that's right, a $3 investment in my future.

Long story short - I finished 3rd that night and Bud Light finished 7th or 8th.
Friends shouldn't let friends play drunk, but top players should buy the round.


Monday, February 11, 2008

The Magic Combination

I recently ran into a pretty brutal table in the way of vicious exchanges just recently...

I find there is no better exercise of patience quite like a low stake internet game. You tend to see some pretty unpredictable plays from weak players that will toss curveball after curveball, most of which make no sense whatever and can provide the sort of stings that you won't get at a table full of moderate to good players. The reason: I'm playing with a sense for pot odds, position and betting patterns - none of which can be counted on in the slightest from anyone else sitting across the virtual felt in these games.

As previously stated- this table, on top of all these poor players and even worse plays, there was some serious trash talking. The first five hands was an all out war of words in the classic "I'm better than you are" style. It's in this situation that you just want to shut up the antagonists and bust them quick and painlessly...well, quick anyway. Unfortunately, in the game of poker it can take a while before you exact your revenge, though not on this night.

In the sixth hand I was pleased to see two black Kings promptly dealt at just the right time. Just as would be expected, the three primary name-callers were not cautious at all to my pre-flop raise and we went together to the flop where I hit trips (X-K-8); more betting. The turn was a blank (X-K-8-X), but this time the damage to two of my foul-mouth friends was too much for them to continue - however the last one was all too happy to keep going and called another bet. The river was a wink from the poker Gods, eight to pair the board (X-K-8-X-8) giving me a full house, which solidified the end of Big Mouth #1. Two to go.

The very next hand I got pocket AA's, but other than a low raise pre-flop, I squeezed no more chips from the table and took it down on the flop.

Hand number eight: Pocket Jacks. Now since I didn't show the Aces when I won the last hand I decided to make it look like I was getting over-confident and running a string of bluffs by putting out a small, but solid raise before the flop. Very quickly Big Mouth #2 and #3 bit the hook and when a third Jack soon followed, I reeled them in and busted them both with the help of their own egos.

It turns out I got my 'quick', but they were unlucky with the 'painless' part.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Exciting News...Potentially

Ready... set... let those salivary glands go!

Word from the grapevine is that Party Poker might soon be bought out by one of many traditional casino gaming institutions! This could be the answer to many of our freedom-loving, poker playing prayers - whereas it would make it a private company and open to US players looking to gamble in cyberspace. I personally have the fingers on one hand crossed and one on the other hand ready to stand up high to the previous Republican 109th US Congress who put into effect some earth shattering online gambling laws!


Friday, February 8, 2008


The QuadSevenPoker Blog will return too 100% beginning 2/9/2008!!

A lot has been updated to make it even more fun, entertaining and hopefully informative.

Have a look around, and see what's new.

(Blog entry section - check back tomorrow for that!!)
Including tons more postings each month!!!

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